Headmaster Welcome

Welcome to Chelsea Academy!

Nestled in the northern Shenandoah Valley and nurtured by a vibrant Catholic Community, Chelsea Academy is an oasis of learning and faith. In an increasingly secular and common core world, Chelsea offers a challenging, liberal arts education grounded in the Catholic faith for students in grades 4-12.

Our students are fun and thoughtful.  They energetically and cheerfully embrace the myriad opportunities Chelsea provides – from the classroom, playing fields, and chapel to the stage, great outdoors, and more. We challenge students with a traditional liberal arts education of mathematics, science, languages, literature, history, music, and theology; sports and physical education; and hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, canoe trips on the Shenandoah River, and campouts.  Each student, including those from Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, and China, approaches these challenges with a spirit of adventure.

Chelsea is blessed to have a team of talented and inspiring teachers and staff who are devoted to helping Chelsea students develop in mind, body, and soul.  We strive to impart to our students an understanding of the Catholic faith and the rich heritage of Western Civilization, helping them to develop a strong moral conscience and historical consciousness and preparing them to go forth into a world that so needs their faith, friendship, leadership, and example.

Chelsea’s unsung heroes—devoted and enthusiastic parents—make possible many school activities and experiences.  The Chelsea Parents Association and Chelsea’s Fathers Group provide important examples of Christian service and leadership for their sons and daughters.

I hope you will look through our website to see how much Chelsea has to offer, and I encourage you to contact our Director of Admissions and come see for yourself all that Chelsea has to offer.

Felix Hernandez, Headmaster