Headmaster’s Welcome

Chelsea Academy is worth discovering!

Founded in 2008, Chelsea is a relatively new school, but one with strong ties to the past and great aspirations for the future.

Chelsea takes its inspiration from the life and writings of St. Thomas More, the sixteenth-century Christian humanist and Catholic saint. Just as More’s household at Chelsea was renowned for its classical learning, our school is rooted in the traditional liberal arts, a timeless program of study that originated in antiquity, found new life in the Renaissance, and still today offers a matchless entry into what it means to be fully alive. Just as More nobly served his king, but God first, and was, in the words of the Renaissance scholar Erasmus, “a man born for friendship,” Chelsea students are encouraged to develop an abiding love for God and for others.

Chelsea challenges its students to discover and develop their abilities to the fullest. An inspiring curriculum and talented teachers combine to create a rich academic experience. Sports teams, outdoor adventure, drama, choir, and other extracurricular activities provide an array of opportunities for students to pursue outside the classroom. An emphasis on cultivating friendships and embracing life as an adventure encourages students to develop the habits and virtues that lead to productive, meaningful lives.

Committed to academic excellence and the fullness of the Catholic faith, Chelsea aims not just to transmit the intellectual and cultural heritage of Western civilization. We seek to develop students whose courage, growing knowledge, and blossoming talents will enable them to make their own contributions to this tradition and to the world.

Thank you for your interest. Our website provides a glimpse of what makes Chelsea unique. To learn even more and to get to know the people who make our school such a vibrant place in which to grow and learn, I encourage you and your family to visit our campus.


Jonathan D. Brand