Mission & Philosophy


Chelsea Academy seeks to form confident young men and women educated in the liberal arts tradition and the Catholic faith. The Academy is committed to promoting and cultivating in its students the life of the mind and the love of truth; an appreciation for the natural world and the heritage of human achievement; enduring friendships; a spirit of adventure; and the virtues of honesty, diligence, courage, piety, and personal responsibility. Through an ethos shaped by Catholic teaching and devotions and a balanced curriculum that includes the humanities, sciences, the arts, and athletics, Chelsea Academy provides students with opportunities for developing themselves into adults who are capable of making positive contributions to their families, places of work, and communities.


“In education it makes all the difference why a man does or learns anything.”  ~Aristotle

An authentically liberal, authentically Catholic education is a formation for freedom.  Grounded in the knowledge that the world can and should be known, and cognizant that we are all made in the image and likeness of God, this education sees, nurtures, and challenges the entire human person, so that we may be truly free in our capacity to live according to fully-formed consciences.

It is an education of unity rather than utility.  Seeing no conflict between faith and reason, it both speaks the languages of modernity – mathematics and science – and pursues the wisdom found in Western philosophy and literature.

It is an education which is, by its very nature, an adventure.  Radically open to the truth, it seeks engagement with the world and enables students to go forth in the world boldly, confident in God’s love.

“Life is not a simple product of laws and randomness of matter, but within everything and at the same time above everything, there is a personal will, there is a Spirit who in Jesus has revealed himself as Love.”  ~Pope Benedict XVI