Meet the Coaches

Mrs. Becky Barvick

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Varsity Girls’ Volleyball

Mr. Robert Farris

Sports Coached at Chelsea: JV Volleyball

Playing Experience: Competitively, Mr. Farris played football, soccer, baseball, and gymnastics (gymnastics was a long time ago) through middle school and some of high school. He played volleyball recreationally throughout high school and participated in intramural tournaments in college. Mr. Farris’s strongest sport is hockey, even though he has never had the opportunity to play for an organized team. From 1999 to 2009, he played hockey on lakes or frozen parking lots each winter and at rinks over the summers.

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 7 years (5)

Interesting Fact: Mr. Farris’s favorite sport to play is Hockey. Though he never played on a club team, he had the opportunity to play against the Quinnipiac University men’s team during a year in which they had qualified to compete in the NCAA Division I men’s tournament.

Mr. Stephen Foster

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Varsity Cross-Country

Accomplishments: Mr. Foster has completed two half-marathons and several 5K races, finishing 2nd place in two of the races.

Interesting Fact: Mr. Foster can juggle and enjoys playing street hockey.

Ms. Maria Lee

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Middle School volleyball

Accomplishments: Ms. Lee has completed two Spartan Sprints. Her team at the University of Virginia won co-ed intramural volleyball two years in a row. While at Chelsea, she captained soccer, volleyball, and basketball, and she also received the Female Athlete of the Year award twice. She founded and coached girls high school basketball for three years while in Beijing.

Interesting Fact: Ms. Lee loves to ski. She competed on a faculty soccer team while at the Beijing Royal School in China.

Mr. Kieran O’Donnell

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Middle School Boys’ Soccer

Interesting Fact: Mr. O’Donnell is excited to be back on the pitch with the Knights for his first year coaching the MS soccer team. Since leading the Knights as the team captain back when he was a student at Chelsea, he went on to play college soccer both on the College team and at inter-murals. Kieran achieved the most improved player and Lion-heart award when playing varsity soccer at Chelsea and received the All-Academic award from the USCAA for maintaining a high GPA while on the college team.

Mr. Sam Adamson

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Varsity Tennis

Accomplishments: While in high school, at The Covenant School in Charlottesville, VA, Mr. Adamson won four state championships in tennis and was selected First Team All-State four times. As an under-18 junior player, he was ranked regionally by the USTA. He practiced with both the Men’s and Women’s tennis teams while at Hillsdale College. He has coached tennis for children of all ages and for adults.

Interesting Fact: Mr. Adamson’s favorite tennis surface is clay because he likes to slide.