Meet the Coaches

Mr. Guy Bauer

Sports Coached: Middle School Boys’ Soccer

Playing Experience: Mr. Bauer has playing experience at the high school, collegiate, and club levels. He played high school soccer at North Collins High School. From there he moved on to compete in intercollegiate soccer at SUNY Cortland.

Accomplishments/Awards: High School Baseball – All Conference, Club Soccer – New York State West State Cup Championship, High School Soccer – All Erie County Interscholastic Conference, All Western New York Soccer Team

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 11 years (7)


Mr. Robert Farris

Sports Coached: JV Volleyball

Playing Experience: Competitively, Mr. Farris played football, soccer, baseball, and gymnastics (gymnastics was a long time ago) through middle school and some of high school. He played volleyball recreationally throughout high school and participated in intramural tournaments in college. Mr. Farris’s strongest sport is hockey, even though he has never had the opportunity to play for an organized team. From 1999 to 2009, he played hockey on lakes or frozen parking lots each winter and at rinks over the summers.

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 6 years (4)

Interesting Fact: Mr. Farris’s favorite sport to play is Hockey. Though he never played on a club team, he had the opportunity to play against the Quinnipiac Universities men’s team during a year in which they had qualified to compete in the NCAA Division I men’s tournament.


Mr. Christopher Foeckler

Sports Coached: Varsity Boy’s Soccer, JV Boy’s Soccer, and Varsity Girl’s Soccer

Playing Experience: Mr. Foeckler has extensive playing experience at the high school, collegiate, and club level.  He played varsity high school soccer at Seton School in 2006 and 2007.  From there he moved on to compete on the varsity squad at Christendom College in 2008, 2009, and 2011.  Since graduation Mr. Foeckler has remained active in the sport competing in several adult recreation leagues.

Accomplishments/Awards: 2006 Boys’ Soccer VISAA Division II State Champions, 2006 and 2007 Boys’ Soccer CAAC Conference Champions

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 4 years (3)

Interesting Fact: He has five younger brothers, all within ten years of each other and all of whom play soccer (very well), but they have never all been on the same team before.


Mr. Andre Moreau

Playing Experience: Mr. Moreau is a Triathlete and Half Marathon runner.  He also played Rugby.

Interesting Fact: Hiking is something that Mr. Moreau likes to do. He has hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back, summited a glacier mountain in Washington state, and this last summer he hiked on the Camino in Spain.


Ms. Virginia Nyce

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Cross Country

Playing Experience: Ms. Nyce was first introduced to Cross Country when she was in high school, and she has been a runner ever since!

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 2 year (2)

Interesting Fact: Ms. Nyce’s favorite types of races are mud races — long races that have various obstacles scattered throughout. So far she has run a Warrior Dash (5 miles), two Tough Mudders (the first was 12 miles, the second was 10 miles), and plans to run many more!


Mr. Josh Peterson

Sports Coached: Varsity Volleyball

Playing Experience: Mr. Petersen grew up playing club volleyball and doubles volleyball in Colorado. He also played 3 years of collegiate soccer and baseball.

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 12 years (5)

Interesting Fact: Mr. Peterson grew up severely lactose intolerant and was unable to drink milk. At a young age his mom began giving him Cheerios with water in it. Even though Mr. Peterson is able to drink milk as an adult, he still eats his Cheerios with water in it.


Mr. Gregory Shedd, Athletic Director

Sports Coached at Chelsea: Varsity Girls’ Basketball and Varsity Boys’ Tennis

Playing Experience: Mr. Shedd played JV soccer for one year and varsity tennis for four years at Middletown High School. After high school he went on to play #1 singles and doubles at Frostburg State University in tennis. He also participated in several intramural sports in college. Mr. Shedd participates in USTA leagues and currently holds a 4.5 Rating.

Accomplishments/Awards: College – 2007 AMCC Team Champion, 2009 MVP, All Conference Team in singles/doubles, Intramural Champion: soccer, softball, volleyball, dodgeball, badminton, racquetball, and team handball.

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 14 years (2)

Interesting Fact: Mr. Shedd’s dad played Division I tennis at Oneonta State University in NY. Mr. Shedd was not able to defeat his dad in tennis until his sophomore year of college. In addition, although Mr. Shedd is a somewhat poor swimmer, his wife holds a Maryland State Championship in swimming.


Mr. Harold Siegel

Sports Coached: Varsity Boys’ Soccer and Cross Country

Playing Experience: Mr. Siegel has played soccer since the sixth grade. He also ran cross country, played lacrosse, and did some downhill ski racing (his best sport) in high school. During college Mr. Siegel raced road bicycles for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (a club team). After college he continued to play soccer on adult teams.

Accomplishments/Awards: Although Mr. Siegel has won tournaments as a player and awards in other sports, most of his accomplishments have to do with coaching.

Years of Coaching Experience (at Chelsea): 16 years (3)

Interesting Fact: Outside of soccer, Mr. Siegel loves to hike in the mountains, whether Old Rag or 14ers in Colorado (anything with a lot of vertical).


Mr. Matt Speer

Sports Coached: Middle School Volleyball

Playing Experience: Mr. Speer played baseball at Christendom College.

Interesting Fact: Mr. Speer spent two years working in Rome for Christendom College’s Rome Program.