Silent Auction Items

Silent Auction Items


Rainy Day Basket: 4th Grade Class

Spa Basket: 5th Grade Class

Libations Basket: 6th Grade Class 

Tea Basket: 7th Grade Class 

Theater Extravaganza: 8th Grade Class 

Childhood Books and Bookcase: 9th Grade Class 

Chelsea House Cornhole: 10th Grade Class 

The Guy Basket: 11th Grade Class 

College Send-Off: 12th Grade Class

A Pie for All Seasons: Julianna Butler

Jimmy Lee’s Not Yet Famous Fudge: Jimmy Lee

Eve Patrice’s Homemade Pretzels: Eve Patrice

Caves and Cavern Burger Combos: Luray Caverns and Spelunkers

Court Vision Basketball Camp: Court Vision

Jig ‘n’ Jive Dance Studio Dance Lessons: Annie Guttierrez

Brillante Camp: Mandy Hain

One Hour Photo Session: Ashley Maciag

Wooden Salad Bowl: Tom Zepeda

Croquembouche (puff tower): Alex Klassen

Estate Plan Package: McCarthy and Akers, PLC

Appaloosa Festival Tickets: Scythian

Custom Chalk Art Decor: Annie Lloyd

Front Row Graduation Seats: Chelsea Parent Association

The Refined Man’s Collection of Scotch and Cigars: Doug McCarthy

Handcrafted Wrought Iron Firewood Rack: Tom Blicharz