Boys’ Futsal Team Wins Championship

Three years ago, a group of young men from Chelsea began playing fustal in a league at Shenandoah Valley Christian Academy.  The league includes teams from many of the Winchester public schools who are preparing for their spring seasons.  The Chelsea team has made steady progress over the past three years.  This year they finished third out of nine teams in the regular season.  Sunday, however, the progress and chemistry paid off with an epic championship in the League Tournament.  The team defeated a very talented James Wood team in the semi-final (5-4) and then an even more talented Sherandoh team in the final (8-7).  Most significantly, Chelsea never trailed the game in the finals.  The team consisted of Declan O’Donnell, John Briggs, Jacob Solomon, Augustine Siegel, Antonio Sotelo, Max Nicholson, Jonathan Davet, Benedict Siegel, and Santiago Pardo (out injured for the second half of the season).

The games Sunday were extremely intense.  The team played back to back games.  “The sport of fustal requires what I call “inch perfect” control, a high work rate, and demanding speed of play with much less margin for error than the outdoor game.  Our players have made great progress both as individuals and as team.  They have embraced the Chelsea way of play and dedication to doing the little things well to make the team great”, commented Coach Harold Siegel.

The young men proved once again that “the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”.

“The players took the court and proved their quality, not just as soccer players, but as Catholic young men of passion and character.  I have been blessed and am humbled to have coached them”, said Siegel.

Congratulations to our Boys’ Futsal Team and Coach Siegel!