Chelsea Academy: The Last Homely House

The importance of an institution such as Chelsea Academy cannot be overstressed. Like Elrond’s home in The Lord of the Rings, it is the last-stepping stone before setting out to the greater adventure that awaits each of us. In my four years here, I have grown more than I could have possibly imagined, in my intellectual pursuits, in my involvement with the school, but most importantly, in becoming a strong individual prepared and ready to set the world on fire.

I have learned innumerable lessons from the faculty and staff, the wise wizards equipping us with the knowledge and determination to be a force for good in a sometimes bleak and dangerous world. Here, I have discovered my passion for learning, a spirit of adventure, and a formation in my faith that encourages me to gird myself with the same dedication to others that Chelsea has shown to its students.

At Chelsea, I have formed my own Fellowship, those mentors and peers who have helped me make important decisions, and encouraged me to expand myself in many beautiful and unexpected ways. When I first started here, I would never have imagined myself standing up to take on roles of responsibility and leadership, and yet, Chelsea helped me realize my passion for helping others. This school gave me numerous opportunities to develop myself and connect to others, whether through our outdoor activities, incredible academics, weekly Mass, the ambassador program, or a simple hello to a classmate in the hallway. I have stood up and astonished myself and others. Chelsea, this Last Homely House, has been an essential part of my development. It has provided me the principles, examples, people, and strength with which I know I can seize the opportunities God is providing, and set out to change the world for the better. I received inspiration from so many people, who have shown me the importance of working with others, supporting each other in both community and group endeavors.

And so, I have received my provisions for the journey ahead. I know the value of hard work, friendship, respect, and especially my Faith. I have encountered people who have prompted me to be the best I can, and who I know will walk beside and inspire me in the next big step of my life. I have discovered a strength inside of me, one that calls me to stand up and accept the challenges, joys, sufferings, and lessons that college will now bring me. Marked with Chelsea’s courageous Catholic spirit and sense of adventure, strengthened by my stay here, I am ready to go forth, to be inspired and to inspire, to light the world on fire with my small flame.

I know life will never be easy. Important decisions lie ahead of me. I will miss friends and encounter hardship, but will always be able to look back at my Last Homely House, at the people who inspired me, at the tools they equipped me with, and continue to push forward and accept my journey with a spirit of adventure.

Post by: Emi Cueto, Chelsea Senior 



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