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Welcome to the Chelsea Blog! I hope you will visit often and discover the people – students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends of the school – who are making Chelsea a light to the world.

Bernardine Clark
Head of School

Current Blog Posting: Spring Cleaning vs. Spring Fever

Archived Blog Postings: 

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February 2019: A Literary Conversation

January 2019:  Keeping Your Children Safe When Online

December 2018: Tips to Navigate the Cough, Cold, and Flu Season

November 2018: What a Difference Four Years Makes

October 2018: Behind the Scenes: An Inside Look at the 2018 Chelsea Gala

September 2018:  Good Habits Make Life Easier

August 2018: Transitioning Back to a School Schedule After Summer Break

June/July 2018: Single Parenting and Chelsea Academy

May 2018A Career from Tennis

April 2018Chelsea Extracurriculars are Valuable for Students and Parents Alike

March 2018Travelling All the Way to America From China

February 2018Chelsea Academy: The Last Homely House

January 2018Short Interviews of Four Children from the Lee Family Who Graduated from Chelsea

December 2017Advent and Anticipation

November 2017Domine ut videam — “Lord, that I may see!”

October 2017Chelsea’s Annual Gala: A Fundraiser and “Friend-Raiser” For the School

September 2017: The Added Value of a Chelsea Education

August 2017:  Happy New School Year!

July 2017: Chelsea Impact on Recent College Graduate

June 2017: Chelsea – A Great Light

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