Chelsea Extracurriculars are Valuable for Students and Parents Alike

Our family arrived at Chelsea Academy when our children – who had been in public school and then homeschooled – were in 9th and 5th grade. To say they were apprehensive would be an understatement.

But along with the education they’ve received from teachers inside the classroom, our children have benefited immensely from pursuing their passions outside the classroom.

Chelsea Academy always has punched above its weight in the arts. We had attended several spring plays at Chelsea before our children even enrolled. Our son, who had enjoyed comedy, comics and acting in his younger years, quickly found his home in the Chelsea drama program, playing characters ranging from the morally bankrupt (Sir Robert Chiltern) to the saintly (St. Thomas More). The responsibilities he took on in accepting the challenges of each role, the friendships he made, and the time he spent with friends and mentors both on stage and off were pivotal to his high school years. His love of the arts and creative expression have continued to shape his academic and extracurricular interests during his freshman year at the College of William & Mary.

For our daughter, the play isn’t the thing. The game is. She’s a three-sport athlete, which makes us three-sport spectators. Participating in practices and riding the team bus to away games (often far away games) are as much a part of the experience for her as the 60 minutes of competition on the field or court. While Chelsea’s success in athletics is a relatively new development – she’s had the opportunity to be part of teams that have competed in and even won championships in our division of the Delaney Athletic Conference – it’s something we could get used to! Losing isn’t as exciting, of course; but no matter the outcome, Chelsea teams start and finish each game with character, sportsmanship and a solemn prayer.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed attending our kids’ Chelsea activities as much as they’ve enjoyed participating in them. Preparing meals for the cast and crew during Tech Week, hunting for costumes and props and hearing the audience laugh or cry at a well-delivered line have been as enjoyable for us as performing and directing was for our son. Our daughter’s love of sports has let us experience the roar of the crowd in a close volleyball match, the swish of the basketball in the net – especially one three-pointer heard if not around the world then certainly all around Front Royal – and the swoosh of a soccer ball flying into the net against a beautiful mountain backdrop.

Encourage your children to take advantage of the many extracurricular opportunities available to them at Chelsea. You’ll all be glad they did.

Post by: Joe and Lisa Selner, Chelsea Parents

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