Chelsea – A Great Light

For years I have thought that Chelsea Academy is like a great light hidden under a bushel. Each day there are stories to tell and accomplishments to celebrate, yet the teaching and learning themselves have taken priority over sharing the achievements of our students and faculty with others.

At Chelsea students grow in the virtues of faith, civility, and the intellectual life. They immerse themselves in the great works of the Western canon, build their knowledge about the natural world, and develop an understanding of God and His Church. They form deep and lasting friendships. They discover the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and its environs.

At Chelsea students excel in ways too many to count. From the fourth-grader whose determination leads to mastery of adding fractions to the English student who earns a perfect score on the AP exam, the Middle School basketball player who scores his first basket to the Varsity Volleyball player who earns the Virginia Player-of-the-Week, or the freshman who hikes Old Rag Mountain for the first time to the senior who wins a college scholarship, our students approach life with purpose and achieve great things.

At Chelsea students learn to see that life is best lived as an adventure. Adventures involve risk-taking, going into the unknown, and discovery. They depend on trust. Our school motto, Domine ut Videam (Lord that I may see), is a prayer that reminds us of our dependence on God and the great vistas that only He can open up to us. When we put our trust in Him, we truly do see more clearly and farther. We see the plan that He has for us each day and the way we are being called to live our lives in the service of God and neighbor.

For nine years Chelsea has been a light to our students, giving them a fuller understanding of the world, their unique talents and abilities, and the transcendent reality that gives purpose to life. Chelsea has also been a light – a source of hope and inspiration – to the world. To be sure, our parents, faculty, students, and friends have helped to spread the news about Chelsea. Still, there is more work to be done, and we hope that this new blog will help to lift the bushel and allow our great light to shine more fully.

I invite you to visit the Chelsea blog often. Discover the people – students, faculty, parents, alumni, and friends of the school – who are making Chelsea a light to the world, and share that light with others.

Jonathan D. Brand

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