Domine ut videam — “Lord, that I may see!”

The founders of Chelsea chose very carefully the motto of the school:  Domine ut videam — “Lord, that I may see!”  These words (according to the Chelsea website) “are both a prayer and a reminder of what lies at the heart of education.”

Jesus asks Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?”  Jesus asks each of us, “What do you want me to do for you, your children, your family?”

All parents want their children to be educated, to succeed in the world, to function as members of society.  And many schools can provide this. But Chelsea has set itself to a higher standard. We want them to see.

See what?  To see the order in the created universe, the Eternal Law of God that orders every created thing to its fulfillment.  To see the Natural Law written in our hearts, which points us to our end in God and enables us to choose Him as the fulfillment of our deepest desires.  To see the Divine Law as revealed to us in Sacred Scripture, in the life of Christ, and in the teachings of the Church.  To see God in each other, to recognize our brotherhood in Christ which draws us to put the other before ourselves.  Without such sight, we are prisoners to our own blindness, like poor Bartimaeus.

The Chelsea website further explains: “Seeing involves recognizing, making distinctions, and understanding reality.”  With its foundation in liberal arts, the humanities, and the revealed truths of the Catholic faith, Chelsea empowers its students to cut through the darkness of the relativism, secularism and paganism that pervades much of our culture.  To come to know and love God both in His creation and in His revelation. To see our way clearly in a world of blindness; to see things “both earthly and eternal.”

As parents of Chelsea students for the past 7 years, we appreciate that Chelsea is continually striving to realize this mission in its day-to-day life —  in the guidance and mentoring of its teachers and administrators, who sacrifice so much time, attention and energy for the welfare of our children; in the availability of the sacraments and opportunities for prayer and works of charity; in the overall spirit of the students who strive to embody the school’s code of ethics in their pursuit of a community of virtue; and in the generosity of parents who offer their time and talents to help make Chelsea truly alma mater for its students.

Of course, we are not perfect.  Chelsea is not perfect, and likely never will be.  But we are all asking the same thing — Lord, that I may see!  May we see clearly the reality of our humanity and its place in the cosmos and the Divine plan.  May we see the glory of God in His creation and in His revelation, and may we never fail to see Him in the people with whom He surrounds us.

Let us always remember to pray for this sight, for ourselves, for our children, for all the Chelsea community.

Post by: Doug and Nancy Briggs




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