Make no doubt, Chelsea teachers are investing!

At the end of every year, we faculty say goodbye to our kids, our seniors. The very first year of my teaching career at Villanova Preparatory School, on that particular graduation day, I was so very nervous to be in front of parents who had paid $22K to $70K (Day vs Boarding) per year.  Every introduction, every picture, sitting on stage, etc, I was nervous that whole day. I hoped I had been worth it.  The next year, I wasn’t nervous and was far, far more focused on saying goodbye to the students. But, bar none, my fourth graduation was a train wreck. For these particular graduating young adults, I had been with them since their own freshman year orientation.  For some, I had been in the classroom with them every day for four years, I had invariably coached many of them, as well as being the dorm parent for a large number also.  During a few final farewells, I cried.  That night I landed in the chapel and had to find an answer to the question; “From now on, I will have been with every graduating class for four years, could I say goodbye over and over again?”  Was this payment for every year’s investment worth it?  I was extremely self centered then and thought that the investment was for me, that I myself was going to get some good from my investment.

Make no doubt, Chelsea teachers are investing. Our energy and our love which is seen in the classroom and out of the classroom is what we are giving.  Our kids are our investment, and because God, our investment banker, is telling us “buy, buy, buy”, we devote our energy and our love.

Encouraging fatigued students to make it around just one more bend on the fall hike; cheering them to pull and pull in the tug-o-war; at the dances pulling a male aside and pointing to a gal who hasn’t been able to dance too many times this night and saying to him, “You could make a difference right here, right now.” Encouraging our athletes to push and focus just a bit more; exacting more confidence from our actors; offering our students the opportunity to come closer to our Lord in the Mass and on Retreat;  bringing them along on our own personal adventures found during the E3 Program. All this besides, the innumerable daily check-ins, the gentle encouragements, the constant balance of pushing each student right to his full actualization, the daily decision between whether this bad behaviour was a kid being a kid or insubordination.

It’s an investment, but not one that we will see the rewards from. Of course, we get to see our graduates, our children, as they visit, call, and write here and there, as they move through life, but we do not see all the good that they are bringing to others.  We do not get to see how other people see Christ in our graduates.

But with God as our banker, we will be able to say, ‘Master, you delivered to me five talents; here, I have made five talents more.’

Post by: Jacob Guttierrez, Chelsea Dean of Students and Teacher

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