Single Parenting and Chelsea Academy

The Dream

My child Eve and I moved to Front Royal unexpectantly 9+ years ago. Life was very different for us then. I used to drive past Chelsea Academy and dream of Eve attending one day. It was such a distant dream; one during that period in time, I doubted could ever become a reality.

The years past and Eve was enrolled in another Christian school. As third grade was coming to a close, many changes were occurring, and doors began to open. There were little ‘divine’ nudges that kept pointing us in the direction of Chelsea.

That same summer I enrolled Eve in on of Chelsea’s Summer Camps, an introduction to French. I recall dropping off the permission form and was greeted by Jonathan Brand, the Head Master at the time. Honestly, I wanted to get out as quick as possible because it was one of those, ‘what I don’t know, can’t hurt me’ type moments. I didn’t want to see anything more than the office of Chelsea. Jonathan dealt well with my nervous energy and was very calm and asked me about Eve. I shared a little bit about her and he asked if he could show me around. I was there right, so why not!? My departure was one of utter confliction.


The Opportunity

Soon after my visit, Director of Marketing and Admissions, Sally Nicholson, called to invite Eve for a tour and interview and asked me about filling out paperwork. I honestly ignored Sally’s first few attempts. The clincher was Chelsea Academy’s Fourth Grade Teacher Holly McShurley, as she was key in our final decision to come to attend. Holly knew Eve prior and was so encouraging, which truly helped affirm that this was the right decision.

Field Day 2017

All the pieces were divinely set in place. Eve was set for 4th grade in a short matter of time. We both took the leap of faith and Eve managed to complete a full summer packet in less than 2 weeks. She was as excited and motivated as I was!

It’s been three years and each as momentous and wonderful as the last! It’s exciting to report that same enthusiasm exists to this very second, with none lost along the way!


Making Memories

Working full-time from home allows me the flexibility to be with Eve for the majority of her sports games and school gatherings. It is a joy to be able to volunteer and have a presence there for Eve and support Chelsea. Eve’s Grandmother loved participating in the annual Grandparents Day and was so impressed with manners and politeness of the children.

Our favorite Chelsea events are the Fall Hike and for Eve, the annual Canoe Trip. The Annual Gala is definitely one of the best as well!

Middle School Volleyball 2017-18


Annual St. Nicholas Tea Party


Filling in the Gaps

Chelsea definitely feels like ‘extended’ family. I fully trust the teachers and faculty to help mold my child in the most positive and enriching ways. I know that the examples of our Faith, moral teachings and values, and the quality education is establishing a strong foundation and promising future for Eve. The friendships that are being established both child and parent will be lifelong too!

As a single parent there are added worries for your child. Chelsea has definitely helped fill some of the gaps, which I’m incredibly grateful for. We see God’s hands in many things.

Father-Daughter Dance 2017

Eve has received great counsel and support from each teacher. Her natural inclination is to dig deep and get answers. Her ‘inquisitions’ and questions, which personally I know can be a bit much, are met with encouragement and are handled in the most spirited manner! It is a wonderful experience when Eve comes home and shares her excitement about a current history lesson or unknowingly teaches me about facts about our Faith that I didn’t know prior and am very grateful to learn!


The Journey Forward

This year, during the last week of school as we closed what was our daily routine drive, I asked Eve, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate this past year?” Without pause, she said, “An eleven!” We both smiled. I have a strong feeling this coming year will have the same end result!


Post by: Elena Patrice, Chelsea Parent

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