Solemnity of St. Joseph Celebration

Students, faculty and staff celebrated the Solemnity of St. Joseph on March 20. Fr. Tom Szczepanczyk, from Christendom College, began the celebration with prayer and a brief talk about St. Joseph. Father reminded all that St. Joseph is the second most powerful saint after the Blessed Mother. St. Joseph is not mentioned as saying anything in Sacred Scripture. He is a man of action, taking his responsibilities, difficult as they were, very seriously. In particular, he was the protector of the Blessed Virgin and boy Jesus. He protected them from Herod when they fled to Egypt and he supported them for all. Fr. Tom did mention that boys, like St. Joseph, should carry out their duties well and be protectors of women.

The celebration culminated with the partaking in the St. Joseph Table full of sweet breads and desserts. Thank you to the 7th grade Class Coordinators for organizing such a beautiful event!

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