Martin’s A+ School Rewards Program


Help Chelsea earn CASH each time you shop at any MARTIN’S!

You probably already have a Martin’s loyalty card because it’s how you get special sale prices and the ten or twenty cents off of gas.  To get those deals, all you do is enter your phone number when you check out.

It’s the same with the A+ School Rewards Program.  It doesn’t diminish your gas rewards, and it’s easy to do.  It takes about a minute and a half to set it up at the Martin’s website:

Hover over “savings & rewards” and click on “A+ School Rewards”.

Click on “Register Your Card” (  Have your Martin’s loyalty card handy because you will need to enter that number.

Click “lookup,” and you’ll be taken to a box labelled “already know your school’s ID?”

Chelsea’s ID number is 22592.  Click “Register”.  (If you forget that number, don’t worry, you can search for Chelsea Academy in the list of all Virginia schools.)

On the next screen, you click “Confirm My Information” and you’re all done.

After that, you don’t need to do anything ever again, except remember to use your loyalty card when you shop.  Chelsea will automatically get money from Martin’s at no cost to you and with no hassle, year after year, if you use your Martin’s card when you shop.

So, please, everybody: register your Martin’s card with the A+ School Rewards program today!

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