Traveling All The Way to America From China

Traveling all the way to America from China, I came to receive a prominent education. Fortunately, Chelsea Academy became the choice. The joyful study environment, knowledgeable teachers, and the colorful curriculum of the school all proved to me the undoubtful reliability of a Chelsea education. At Chelsea, I have met friends from all over the world including France, Mexico, Spain, Korea, and China. The precious experience at Chelsea has definitely prepared my classmates and me well for the approaching college life, by focusing on the independent improvement of individuals and the critical ability to communicate and cooperate with other peers.

As a rising Senior, I am looking forward to enjoying another great year at Chelsea, which will not only open a door for us seniors to embrace the world by applying to colleges, but also strengthen our will and our friendship. Not regretting how I spent my golden age at Chelsea, I will continue to absorb the nutrition from the curriculum. On the fertile land of Chelsea, flowers of our youth will blossom in such a wonderful age.


Post by: Zimo “Tony” Peng, Chelsea International Student

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